Hope Gangloff

One of my favorites. 

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Anonymous asked:
do you smoke cigarettes?

On occasion when I drink, and only American Spirits.

My only addiction is coffee; college does that to you.  

Anonymous asked:
what happened to the one you called your boyfriend; are you still together?


Sassy age, sassy lyfe.

I showed up to the bar with 18 people…. 

To have felt so loved last night was humbling and precisely what I needed. So many people came to celebrate a special night with me when they didn’t have to. 

No matter how alone I feel, I’ll always remember the look on the bouncers face when 18 people filed behind me at the door. Priceless. 

To a night I don’t remember and I’ll never forget. All my love to those who made it perfect. 2⃣1⃣ 💛

Brow-game is strong with this one.

There have been people that I love deeply who have turned their back on me. Someone I cried to when I said goodbye. Someone whose note I carried everyday in my purse. Someone who had been a light in my life for what felt like eternity. 

And I am shocked by the love I still have for them. No matter how horrible they have and continue to treat me. There is no hate or anguish in my heart. Only love. 

I believe that’s what this summer has shown me. To only love. Even those who have done you wrong; show only love.